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simArpa, a dedicated planning and design consultancy delivers the most efficient and innovative solutions in mobility and landscape design.
Our brand not only represents the quality of our work, but our passion to create more livable cities for everyone.
Video: Discover how simArpa transforms urban spaces into engaging and exciting spaces for citizens
New Collaboration: simArpa designs urban space together with its inhabitants in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona Metropolitan Area). Discover more!
"IMMYCITY" is our trademark methodology to achieve places where citizens decide and collaborate with the project

Wolfgang Scherr
Transport Planner
SBB/CFF/FFS (Swiss Federal Railways)

Breogan combines a creative mind with his profound analytical skill set to dissect complex problems. It has been eye-opening for us how he integrated spatial analysis methods with traditional transport modeling techniques to create new approaches that have permanently enhanced the tool box of our team.

Rob Griffiths
Senior Landscape Architect
RPS Group

Quim is a driven and hard working individual who is passionate about his work and how it fits into the wider needs of our ever changing societies. Quim's forward thinking attitude, natural tenacity and business awareness are complimented by his comprehensive grasp of numerous languages and cultures. This sets him apart as an extremely likeable individual that can form an extremely valuable part of any team.

Andreas Justen
Transport and Land Use Modeling
Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development

Breogan worked in the context of a contract of regioConcept with the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE, Bern). I aprecitate his commitment and sympathy and was very satisfied with his contribution to the project deliverables.

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